The Cold Extraction patented method maintains the bioavailability and bioactivity of Omega 3.
Active Omega 3 Cold Extracted


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What is EpaDhax?

EpaDhax is a dietary supplement which presents a high concentration of essential biologically active omega 3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, and natural vitamins A and D3, associated with vitamin E.

Why is EpaDhax different?

The method of obtaining EpaDhax is a new technique, which preserves the molecular integrity of these unstable polyunsaturated compounds in its original state, as found in nature, maintaining its bioavailability. They are obtained using physical methods without using heat or chemical products. This condition makes it a natural active product, very effective for those disorders generated or compounded by a deficiency in Omega 3 fatty acids or an excess of Omega 6.

The cold extraction technique

Thanks to the cold extraction technique, the obtained omega 3 maintain the same biological activity as found in nature, since they are not subject (as it is tipically the case in industry) to high temperature cooking and later pressed for oil extraction. An exclusive patented method which allows preservation of the bioavailability and bioactivity of omega 3, 100% environmentally friendly as it does not generate waste. The prime raw materials are completely and entirely used.

How have eating habits changed?

In the last 100 years the consumption of fats has increased, and the type of fats has also changed, the use of animal fats has decreased and the use of seed oils has increased. These oils (corn, sunflower and soy) contribute nearly 50% of omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and have surpassed in more than 20 times the intake needs of these fatty acids. At the same time, we have changed the way animals like pigs or chickens are fed, therefore changing the composition of fatty acids in the body fat of these animals. This type of feeding decreases the concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids and increases that of Omega 6 fatty acids, aggravating even more these imbalances. The increase in the concentration of Omega 6 fatty acids in the human body cell membranes has exaggerated the inflammatory processes and upset the body’s immune response. This imbalance triggers metabolic dysfunctions such as: insulin resistance, osteoporosis, cholesterol metabolic disorders and others.

Its Benefits

Many of the illnesses that emerge after a certain age (bone problems, respiratory and metabolic problems, allergies, headaches, etc.) are caused by nutritional disorders incurred over the years. Science has discovered that the lack of some nutrients and, as a consequence, bad eating habits, can generate illnesses that tend to become chronic therefore reducing the quality of life. Until recently their causes or treatment were unknown, but today we know that consuming essential fatty acids like omega 3, present in high doses in fish, it is possible to reduce omega 6 found in human tissue which provokes inflammation, reducing suffering many of these illnesses. Thus, the daily addition of EPADHAX to a balanced diet provides our body with essential fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the body and the consumption of which is recommended by the European health authorities because: • IT PROTECTS AGAISNT CARDIOVASCULAR ILLNESSES: Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, prevent hypertension and help to re-establish healthy cholesterol levels (increasing good cholesterol and decreasing levels of triglycerides). • FAVORS CORRECT NEURAL DEVELOPMENT: Consumption of at least 250 mg. of pure DHA on a daily basis (a component of neural membranes) favors the development of the nervous system in children. • HELPS TO RE-ESTABLISH A BALANCED DIET: The recovery of Omega 3 fatty acids to proper levels decreases inflammation and blockage of the cannabinoid receptors which stimulate appetite (they are activated by high levels of Omega 6 fatty acids).

Adverse effects and precautions

EpaDhax does not present secondary side effects as it is a natural dietary supplement (fish oil). In some cases there may be an increase in bowel movements, nausea, gas and belching that disappear when supplement is taken with food. If you have any questions consult your pharmacist or visit our web

How have children’s eating habits changed?

The lack of Omega 3 fatty acids in children’s diet and a high consumption of Omega 6 fatty acids that are present in the food they like the most (snacks, fried foods, vegetable seed oils, meat from fodder raised animals, mayonnaise, margarine and others) has increased the frequency and seriousness of disorders such as: obesity, diabetes… which were not common before. These “contemporary” illnesses have been attributed to stress, genetic disorders and eating habits. Today we know that our diet plays a prominent role in the causes of these illnesses. This type of eating habits decreases the concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids and increases that of Omega 6, aggravating even more these imbalances.

Storage conditions

Maintain container tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened use within 30 days. Keep out of reach of children. Dietary supplements do not substitute a balanced diet: they are a concentrated source of nutrients that can be used to complement the diet in small doses.


Our products can only be found in Pharmacies. In the points of sale menu you will find an interactive map of Spain where you can find the community where to buy EpaDhax.


Liquid: Recommended dosage, one tablespoon (10cc) daily taken with food. 1000mg Capsules: For health maintenance, 3 capsules daily taken with meals. 550mg Capsules: For health maintenance, 5 capsules daily taken with meals. *Recommended dosage for people of average wight (75kg). EpaDhax Kids 550 mg capsules: Recommended dosage: 2 to 4 capsules of 550mg daily taken with meals.