The Cold Extraction patented method maintains the bioavailability and bioactivity of Omega 3.
Active Omega 3 Cold Extracted

¿Qué es EpaDhax Kids?

EpaDhaxKids™550 is a dietary supplement which presents a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, extracted in cold using a 100% natural process, totally bioavailable, and natural source of vitamins A and D3. Especially remarkable is its DHA content. The nervous system, and particularly the brain, is formed mainly by long chain fatty acids, especially DHA. Numerous studies associate a cognitive improvement and vision development in infancy with a continued intake of DHA.

“ DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision ”

What benefits can EpaDhax provide?

This dietary supplement is specifically made for children, with easy to swallow flavors such as strawberry, cola, lemon and orange, providing the following benefits in school-age children:

EpaDhax Kids Active Omega 3

USAGE: Recommended dosage of 2 daily capsules, taken with meals. To achieve the beneficial effects of the product it is necessary to take continuously..

INGREDIENTS: Each capsule contains 550mg of fish oil with a high content in Omega 3 (DHA 25-28% EPA 7-10%) and vitamins A and D3, Antioxidant (E-306), Gelatin, Glycerin (E-422), Sweetener (Sorbitol E-420), Acidifier (Citric Acid E-330), Natural sweetener (Stevia E-960), Food coloring (E-100, E-120, E-133 and E-160), Flavors.

PRECAUTIONS: Store in a cool (15-20ºC), dry and dark place. Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet. They are a source of nutrients that can be used to complement a normal diet.

  • Improvement of cognitive and vision development.
  • Improvement of motor functions and learning skills.
  • Improvement of memorization capability.
  • Reduction of Attention Deficit incidence.
  • Improvement of visual sharpness and color perception.